A journey into the exotic life of a young naturist

CARINA is one of the most personal and intimate documentaries imaginable. The photographer shares some of the most unrestricted and uncensored moments in the life of a young girl living in a small, isolated in aa naturist colony in Brazil. He pays tribute to her beauty and way of life. This is an invitation to peace and harmony.

The road to Carina’s world is provided for all of those who appreciate the simplicity and the naturalness of living a free life in the nude. Or in her own words: ‘My life here is so pure, relaxed, natural. No pollution, no noises, stress, nervous people... just the sounds of nature and much more time to be with myself and live my own totality. City life treats you like a number, here I feel more inside Universe.
To see more go here: nudes.hegre-art.com/hit/1/5/100002/10/2436

Directed and Photographed by PETTER HEGRE
Playing Time: 30 Minutes Produced by Ocinum Lda, Portugal

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