November 2007 – the worst is yet to come!...

Just for the motto: 'Stopsign are there to be knocked over and
restrictions to be broken – as like the present reality is there to
laughed to death – within
the realms of possibility.' the two musicians and friends met with
their solitary sense of humor. The one drummer, guitarist the other.

So Jo (1. Dead Clown at the drums) and Boogy (Guitar and the 2. Dead
Clown) called thier child

Dead Clown inc. - the Dead Clown Company was born.

Factors like genre restrictions or moralic issues aren't worth to mind about
like needless flowery social frases.

They were at the quest for further musician that shared their point of
view. They haven't seen that the fun planned project was getting to a
brain eating ANTI -public entertainment campain.

Every beginning is difficult so D.C.i got some trouble to find fitting
henchmen. People left as quick as they joined the band. In the
middle of March 2008 the annoying in and out stopped by
finding the 3. Dead Clown Tika.

First she was taken for an addictional clean voice to complete the actual
metal voicals. Quick the filled the role of the lead singer as like
the shouter. Not at least of her foul authority.

To find at least two more a demo was recorded and placed at the myspace
community. After the release in the middle of November 2008 the 2.
guitarist and 4. Dead Clown Olli and 5. Dead Clown Matty were
recruited for the society of the not presentable to raise the circus
of the obnoxiousity.

The monster were created...

The year 2009 seemed to THAT year for the quintett. Right for the motto:

Entire squad – entire fun

the demo is available as FREE-DOWNOAD there were preparing to offer a
due live set and so the take the chance to rock off live. Even an
album is planned to the end of the year 2009. And if it is a fun
project it is pushed to be real searius, so it developed into a style
that leaves all genre thinking and moralic issues behind to stay with
the fun idea.

To be first of the dirt mouth that would say 'What the hell is this? It
is not great to draw a courtain over a hughe hill of shit, it would
smell anyway.' we could say there is a way it goes.

Tropical/Shizopop(p)/SpaceMETALcore...It is left to you to get a picture.....

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