Writer/producer: Kip Jones
Engineering and Music: Ross Hillard
Recorded at Magic Number Studios, Leicester
Photos courtesy of The National Trust
The Players: Nicky Genders, Amy Genders, Glenda Flude

Story: "Polly", a 65 year old woman from the Midlands in the UK, recalls the time as a child when her parents sat her down and asked her which of them she wanted to be with. Her story, re-narrated by three players, represents how this traumatic event became an enduring memory throughout the various stages of her life.

Background: The company Digital Kitchen provided the initial inspiration for me and my experiments in visualisation of research data. One of my favourites, the titles from Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital TV series particularly inspired me when making "I can remember the night".

“I can remember the night” was constructed using PowerPoint to assemble photographs by the National Trust. It was cobbled together on my pc in a bed-sit in Leicester, UK, then shot with a phone camera to give it a 1960s Super8 feel. Although one of the shortest of my videos, this one has had the most viewings (more than 10,000 so far) and is used in educational programmes around the globe.

More about Polly and her story:
Jones, K. (2006) "Informal Care as Relationship: the Case of the Magnificent Seven" Journal of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing, 13: 214-220.

Jones, K. (2005) “The Art of Collaborative Storytelling: arts-based representations of narrative contexts”. Invited paper for: International Sociological Association Research Committee on Biography and Society RC38 Newsletter, October 2005. Available at: academia.edu/2570487/The_Art_of_Collaborative_Storytelling_arts-based_representations_of_narrative_contexts

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