A quick app I put together this morning as a response to Todd Vanderlin's AR scratching ( vimeo.com/4312616 ). The app uses the accelerometer of the ipod touch to control the speed of a 'vinyl record' on the ipod screen. Slowing down the record and speeding it up is just a matter of controlling how fast you spin the device.

Next up scratching!
Track is Full Clip by Gang Starr.

Project page: fffff.at/spinning-vinyl-ipod-app/

It only really works on the ipod touch 2nd gen as the case design is perfect for spinning on smooth surfaces. Might have to make a little spinning attachment for all the other ipod/iphone djs :)

Thanks to Zach Gage's excellent ofxALSoundPlayer class! And also Memo of MSA Visuals for the accelerometer addon which I am using quite heavily!

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