On a recent shopping trip I saw a really badass tank top with a black american flag on it. A tank top does not have a lot of cloth on it because it had no sleeves. However, I get the feeling Urban Outfitters is not aware of this, because they wanted to charge me $28.00 for the tank top while they had graphic shirts selling for 10 bucks. I walked away without the tanktop.

I still thought of the badass tanktop for a couple days. It felt like the one that got away. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. I kept breaking out in cold sweats. I had had enough.

I took a white tank top I owned, stretched it, taped it, painted it, and dyed it in my tub. I watched it air dry above the tub drenched in black and dripping more black into a shallow pool of black. Black is so cool.
It was interesting to see the bootleg American flag actually have it's colors run.

The making of the bootleg shirt felt a lot like my own patriotism. A touch of cynicism and longing for anarchy, but hidden optimism for America's future. Somewhere in between loving the freedom and liberty to climb up the capitalistic ladder and taking down the steps all together.

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