A man walks through the city in search of other people. As he experiences the city's emptiness his search becomes more and more desperate and a feeling of loneliness and gloomy desolation takes a hold of him -- and us -- while we follow him through the city space normally crowded with people. The title of this short movie spells out the question pervading this sinister story: Where are all the People?

What do you think? Watch our little movie and tell us!

Director Ole Jørgensen + Based on an idea by Jonatan Lerche Senior + Written by Jonatan Lerche Senior + Director of Photography Ole Jørgensen + Sound Director Jonatan Lerche Senior + Location Manager Ann-Marie Vogel + Editing Director Ditte Kim + Music Oyaarss + Courtesy of Ad Noiseam and Creative Space + Cover Art Søren Gissel + Producer Ann-Marie Vogel + Production Manager Ditte Kim + A DOJA Films Production

A very special thanks to Mette & Elliot ... Thank you.
Also, a special thanks to: Thu & Ditte + Allan Nielsen & Christian & IMV AV + Ellen Riis + Claus Pedersen & Bilka + Hugo Skov + Camilla Schmidt & Oest for Paradis + Oyaarss + Ad Noiseam + Creative Space + Bjørn (for noticing the two people on screen!) + Banedanmark

*** SPOILER****** SPOILER****** SPOILER****** SPOILER****** SPOILER****** SPOILER****** SPOILER***

This short narrative experiments with the point of view and seeks to map the limits of its use. The theme of the film is a universal nightmare, and has been interpreted in several great motion pictures as different versions of the same anxiety: The end of man.

What if I woke up one morning all alone in the world? What would the city look like with no people -- and where are all the people?

Apocalyptic visions, prophecies of natural disasters, comets falling from the sky, eradication by aliens, nuclear war ... the fall of man and civilization as we know it -- all these stories are part of popular culture and what we tell ourselves and each other in an attempt to make our world meaningful, interesting, or whatever the need may be. But what does it look like when everyone's gone? This short film demonstrates one particular view on this theme filtered through an artistic approach and with the obvious limits of having a no-budget financing. Our goal was to show the city completely depopulated through the eyes of a anonymous beholder, leaving no human left to act/interact on screen, but also permitting the viewer to "insert self here" -- to experience the narrative through a subjective point of view. The answer to the qestion asked in the title lies in the viewers' own interpretations. Where Are All the People? Well, what do you think?

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