The Mission of The Mara Elephant Project:

To positively impact the human-elephant relationship in the Mara/Serengeti ecosystem, while implementing an anti- poaching strategy to preserve and protect African elephants.
The demand for ivory – especially in Asia – poses an extreme and ongoing threat to elephants across Africa. In spite of an international ban on the sale of ivory, some estimates suggest current trends in poaching could lead to the extinction of elephants in this millennium.
But surprisingly little is known about elephant movements across their migration territories. To conserve and manage the elephant population, we need to know more about how they live.
The Mara Elephant Project brings together researchers and conservationists in an effort to help secure the future of African elephants. The project’s plan is comprised of tracking elephants to better understand their movements and activating a Rapid Response Unit to quickly respond to conflict situations and poaching alerts. The Mara Elephant Project also engages the Mara community by teaching human-elephant conflict resolution methods and anti-poaching education – helping locals learn to live along side the elephant.
When we work together, we can protect the irreplaceable biodiversity of our planet and have a far greater impact than any one of us can have alone.

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