AVVX Workshop - Visual Music with Vector Graphics
Marmelada 2 / Independent Biennial, Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 2012

In the 3 day workshop, we discussed visual music; participants were introduced to the AVVX app; and prepared audio and visuals for the software. They played with the code, and explored other software. On the 3rd day (4/June), we had a showcase @ Kino Siska, Ljubljana. Video collects several lo-fi recordings captured at the event, and reflects a large variety of music and visual styles.

More on AVVX (free, open source): nunocorreia.com/apps/avvx
More on the workshop: nunocorreia.com/teaching/2012-06-avvx-ws
More on the Independent Biennial: bienaleneodvisneilustracije.com/

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