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Trailer for a documentary movie, HD 1080p, stéréo, 55mn. Release January 2013.
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One testimony of a growing movement ... Another world is possible, here and now.

Jean-Luc Danneyrolles is a French countryman who live and grow in south of France Provence county. Carlos Pons, Spanish filmmaker. They together organise a road-trip to Granada city in aim to meet agro-ecological alternatives and social movements of Spain. On of february 2012, a cameraman is engaged to follow their journey through the cold winter, with their only worthship in hands : a box of seeds.

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Seeds grown by Jean-Luc himself were traded during our trip with groups we met. The seeds are as a guide line and a link between every places we visited. They symbolically open our experience wider on every similar projects over mediterranean shores and further overseas.

People and places we met during the journey are taken like individual and collective experiences that would let us develop subject on agro-ecology, permaculture, degrowth, sustainability, cooperation, community empowerment, etc.

Context of the journey
Jean-Luc Danneyrolles choosed to work as a peasan in aim to « constantly live in a garden », and managed to do so for last 27 years. He takes care of 20,000 m² of land in Natural Parc of Luberon, in south of France.

Jean-Luc is a uncommun organic farmer. Every year, he sow, multiplies and store various seeds of forgotten vegetables and flowers, for selling them to other organic, amateur and local gardeners. He called his place « orchard of a curious man ».

We met on spring 2011 and i worked with him at the garden for a few months. I brung a big impulse in his daily routine : due to recent changes in my life after two years of experiences in cooperative trading et social equity in action at local scale, I was inhabited by a huge amount of new energy.

We had a lot od interresting talks and a good connexion began to link ourselves together. We also lived from the distance all the « Arabic Springs » and Spanish social demonstration on « 15M », as we were taken by germinating seeds to care of in the greenhouse. "Something is going to happen outside, we can feel from here.", we said.

Four months passed by since i have returned to Spain for a while. When i go bac to Jean-Luc's garden on November 2011, he told me his body and soul were tired, so was his fields. Both seem to need a pause in aim to evolve by theirthelves. Jean-Luc also needs to see the world outside, for real... on thousand kilometers away to south, along Mediterranean sea, Granada city echoes with strengh in his heart.

As he knows my background in agro-ecological and social movements along west Mediterranean shores, he ask me to travel with him. The idea is growing : from his garden to Granada, we could visit several inspiring places, discover a few of the many new alternatives projects blooming everywhere, staying from place to place, trading seeds to improve cultivated biodiversity, living the Spanish social movement from the inside.

From there... why not make a film of it ?

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