Winner of the MACHINIMUWA V contest "Seek Wisdom "and winner of the OPEN THIS END CINEMAPOP AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN FILM DIRECTION 2012.
-1st Jury Prize at Machinima Expo 2012

As impotent sleeping spectators we have stood by as multinational companies, bankers and traders have looted and pillaged the precious resources of our shared planet.

As a species and as individuals, we need to find the Wisdom and self-awareness to reflect upon who we are and what we can do to stop this tragic state of affairs.

In 2008 Iceland was dramatically made bankrupt by a series of selfish egocentric governmental and economic policies. However, in the last two years, Iceland has sought to bring those responsible for its downfall to justice. This has proven good for the country as a whole and is an effective form of cleansing. In this respect at least, Iceland should serve as an example to the rest of the Western world.

Pendant que nous somme les spectateurs endormis du pillage et de la destruction de notre planète par les multinationales, banques et traders avec la complicité des politiques devenus impuissants.
La sagesse ne passerait elle pas par une vrai prise de conscience de ce que nous sommes et par une réflexion sur ce que nous pourrions faire pour stopper ce dramatique état des choses ou seul l'argent désormais compte ?
Après la dramatique banqueroute de 2008 L' Islande ces deux dernières années nous a données un exemple de ce qu'il était possible de faire.

Filmed at
Daytime Dreams created by Dol "Dolphin Aegin"
Macbeth, Foul Whisperings strange Matters
UWA Treasures:
- Winthrop tower Clock
- Sunken Garden
- Rodney Alsop Memorial Seat & Reflexion Pond
- Winged Lion Frieze
- Victor Wagner's 'Diotima'
- Lysippus, Apoxyomenos

Music and Voice :
Midimal - The Pursuit Of Happiness
The Deepest Thing

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