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"MOUTHFUL OF ME" to be first single off hit songwriter Annet Artani's new album
New York, June 20, 2012
Annet Artani's new single, "Mouthful of Me" is only a metaphor! We've all looked over at someone and thought they were just delicious. In this song, dreamed up by the writing team of Artani and guitarist Eric Nicolas, Annet is the one on the menu.
When Annet first performed "Mouthful of Me" to a packed house at NYC's famed Bitter End, the crowd went mad. The song, a dark pop tango, became the obvious first single, and its creepy, oral-erotic theme generated the idea for the video.
Facebook is responsible for connecting Annet and her dark video auteur Torgeir Ensrud, a Norwegian director and visual effects specialist, who invited her out to shoot the video at Joshua Tree National Park. Ensrud and his wife, Dana Calabrese Ensrud, work as a creative team, and Dana also plays Annet's love interest in the video. Annet's sister, Artemis, was the hair and makeup artist for both girls. The casting of a woman as the love interest was no accident either: Annet is an advocate for gay rights, marching in last year's gay pride parade in a wedding dress, as well as a proud resident of NY State, where two people of the same sex can now legally eat white cake off each other's plates.
"Mouthful of Me" follows the 2009 single "Alive," which Annet released on Ultra Records. Critics have recently compared Annet to the late, great Amy Winehouse, as well as to Joss Stone and Gwen Stefani. But as “Mouthful” makes evident, she is very much her own artist.
Annet is probably best known internationally for writing the platinum hit ballad "Everytime" with Britney Spears, featured on three separate albums, as well as for being a Greek pop star, thanks to her star turn on the hit show "Fame Story" and her representation of Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest with "Why Angels Cry.”
She currently resides in New York City and is recording the rest of this album in Harlem with producer-engineer Zak Soulam and her writing partner, Eric Nicolas. In the meanwhile, indulge in these various sites!
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