A look at some peculiar "faces" of New York in the 1950's decade. This is video # 12 in the New York City collection. This short piece contains street photographs taken by Vivian Maier, an American of French and Austro-Hungarian extraction, amateur photo-bug and nanny. The photographs were discovered in a thrift auction house on Chicago’s Northwest Side in 2007. She actually appears in one sequence, taking a self portrait against a mirror or window. Many of the scenes I show revolve around the Statue of Liberty, with unusual angles. There are also famous celebrities faces caught as they were doing "their thing".
Enjoy the ride, Leo
More info in my blog :: wp.me/pBIIx-ce

Music: Cool - Dave Grusin Band
Leonard Bernstein, composer. Dave Grusin, arranger.
Photographs: Vivian Maier, Leo Bar
Paintings - Poster: Gil Elvgren
Vintage Film: New York Public Library, Library of Congress, Archive.org (all in the public domain)

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