Unfold was founded in 2002 by Claire Warnier and Dries Verbruggen as an experimental design platform. The
Antwerp-based duo has developed a multidisciplinary practice that frequently collaborates with a vast network of
specialists. This collaborative approach leads to the development of products and projects that are interested in
gradually revealing their complexity to the user/participant over time.

‘KIOSK’ explores a near future scenario in which digital fabrication is so ubiquitous that we see it appear on our
street corners. With KIOSK the user can ‘appropriate, sample, remix, improve, up/downscale or copy new objects
and 3D-print them on the spot.’ KIOSK operates as a portable 3D copyshop capable of producing a ‘custom made
fix for your broken shoe, materialise an illegal download of Starck’s Juicy Salif orange squeezer that you modified for better performance or quickly print out a present for your sister’s birthday.’ For The Machine Unfold, in collaboration with Indianen, created a new creative digital copy station.

A project commissioned by Z33, House for contemporary art and MU Eindhoven.
With the support of Bits from Bytes and Jo Van Bostraeten.
Inspired by Bruce Sterling’s science fiction short story Kiosk.
A collaboration with Indianen.

Kiosk is part of the exhibition The Machine - Designing a New Industrial Revolution in C-mine Genk (BE) from June 2 to October 7 2012. the-machine.be

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