Meet Patrik Norin. This 26-year old Swedish guy has just started his backpacking trip to Japan. After earning enough money as an electrician in Norway, he set out on his adventure.

With 30 kilos on his back, Patrik started hitch hiking. After crossing Scandinavia, he will take the Transiberian Railway through Russia. In Mongolia he will buy a motorcycle and after that he will figure out a way to get to Japan.

Patrik has no time limitations. It could be that he settles down for a while in one of the places, where the road brings him.

Travelling is in his blood. He has already seen half of the world. But even when he is on the road, he is already planning the next trip.

We met Patrik on his way down from the Noth Cape. Following him, led us through the beautiful nature of northern Finland. We spent a week together capturing the daily life of a backpacker.

Music: Nobu - Greetings from Odessa

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