Mouth: A Short Film for Animation

A mouth opens to us. A sense of ability and possibility. Food. Mastication. Aerobic air. The trill of the tongue. The twirl. Not voice but voices keeper. Language the hollow projected bone of the mouth breaking through and over the teeth end. Shapes in constance contouring. The lips end outward. Red lips in part the sex of any orofice suffices.

This is breaths conduit. Primarily a suckling. Sustenance and the purgation of wordly positations orophically tuned and oxegynated. Taste & touch present sound as spasm of the mouth rejecting. Liquidily. A passing hum. A wasp. Ear. Again the mouth piercing. Proximitously. Lastly vigorous.

There in summoning. It seeks itself. Yet softly. Remembers its form. Closely.

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