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This is a project I did for class about a mission strategy in a suburban area of the USA.

I'm thinking a network of churches would be smaller churches/house churches. These smaller churches would be composed mainly of friends, family, co-workers, local neighboorhood, anyone in close proximity... and instead of building a big fancy multi-service church, maybe we should really be believers and build a community center for everyone?

The house/small churches would meet 3 Sundays a month as a normal church, and the network of churches would meet all together at the community center arts center for a grand corporate worship experience. The corporate worship experience would be led by a distinct prophet/visionary/leader.

This visionary would also serve as the small group leader for the small church leaders. The small church leaders would hold primarily the biblical office of ποιμην (pastor shepherd), whereas the visionary would serve as προϕητης (prophet) or επισκοπος (bishop/elder).

From my experience, I think this model would be effective because relationships aren't well built (if at all) at corporate worship services--instead the relationships are built at small/cell group levels. Also, planning for current corporate worship services seem to be rushed, half-hearted, and nothing short of mostly boring. My model would provide ample time for preparation for an impacting experience. This experience, however, is not necessarily worship but more so entertainment and charismatic. The bulk of Christian living happens in homes and work, which is where I want the house/small churches to meet.

For those that are seeking church for meaning and relationships will find value in the small group church. Those that are looking for a cool experience will value the corporate worship service.

I did this video in about 2 days
I haven't done very many, but I'm still learning.

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