The Official Music Video for Anton Franc's first single, Letting Go.
A Lost Penguin Production.


Writer/Director: Joshua Bowyer
Director of Photography: Mark Zagar
Producer: Jamie Kuzich (Lost Penguin)
Assistant Producer: Kate Jones
1st Assistant Director: Brad Holyoake
Camera Assist: Rebecca Crowe

Costumes: Emma Bergmier
Editor: Joshua Bowyer
Colourist/VFX: Sandy Sutherland

Boy: Sean Williams
Girl: Tamika Roberts
Dad: Vernon Sadler
Hitch-hikers: Josh Bowyer/Jamie Kuzich

Shot on location near Broome, Western Australia

Special thanks to: Dan Wood, Yawuru PRC, Shire of Broome, Cable Beach Primary School, Kirsten Williams, James Marangou, Jeremy Hill, Lee Fairhead, Marion Davies, Siobhan Doohan, Sam Winzar

The clip for Anton Franc's debut single "Letting Go" is a celebration of childhood innocence and is set within the recollections of a small boy as he is leaving the Kimberley with his father for good. "Filming it in the Kimberley was the only option that made perfect sense." Recalls Joshua Bowyer who wrote and directed the clip. "It's where the band was born, and it's where a piece of my heart still lives." In the story, the boy's memories are fixated on the events of the preceding few weeks in which he and his childhood love unsuccessfully attempt an endearingly naive escape plan. As the red dust of the winding road fly by the windows of his father's old Falcon, the boy watches his childhood life roll by with it - in amongst the shrubs, eucalyptus trees and the pindan of the stunning Kimberley. Mirroring the sentiments of the song, he reaches a form of acceptance somewhere along the way.

"Narrative music videos are my favourite kind" explains Bowyer. "I just think that you can achieve such a personal, intimate and relatable communication with the audience when you harness the power of the combination of music and the moving image."

The clip was an all encompassing journey for both members of the band. With limited experience in the world of film, it was purely the drive to get their vision onto a screen that got them through.

"This is easily the most ambitious thing we've ever attempted in our lives. And I'm proud to say, I think we've pulled it off" J. Kuzich

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