My partner and I gave this performance work at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange in January of 1991, when we had already been together for 5 years. The audience consisted of friends and family, who had received normal wedding invitations, seeming to promise a conventional ceremony. Our friend Endora (a Wiccan and ordained rabbi) surprised us by showing up in full bridal drag. There would have been no document of this event if our friend Bill hadn't come with his VHS camera.

The band was Gay Nation, with music by Chris Cochrane and Scott Heron, with Jennifer Miller of Circus Amok playing sax. You can also see Sarah East Johnson and Mark Leger in the band.

The collage of texts for the piece includes fragments from Genet, Oscar Wilde, La Traviata, Cosi van Tutti by Mozart, Dostoyevsky, and Shakespeare.

We are still happily together, after more than 26 years.

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