Second video for bicycle club - Fixed Gear Vilnius. Riders took their fixies and went for a "picnic". I am not sure how I came up with that title. Since the the video is now finished it all somehow fits together. One day they decided to do a trip to a small city in Lithuania - Panevėžys. The reason to come here was that it has indoor bicycle track.
With the word "picnic" I wanted to emphasize the context behind it. I think most of you will agree that people don't do picnics everyday. Usually it means like a special day for everyone taking a part in it. So it is here. Not everyday you can catch all the riders and go for 140km away from the capital just to ride in the indoor bicycle track. This was planned and prepared so that everyone can get fun.

Pres play and enjoy PICNIC.

-- Behind the Scenes --

It took me a year to finish this video. I started doing it the same moment when I got the footage, but it somehow got lost in my computer and I forgot about it. I had a strange feeling that kept me following quite for a long time... After half a year I accidentally found this unfinished project and decided that I must finish it. No matter what. It took me more than I expected. I wanted to have all the footage in slow motion. Original footage was shot only at 25fps, which was very hard to work with and although I've tried as much as I can to remove all the artifacts, but some of it still possible to notice. Despite that, I've managed to slow down the footage up to 11% from original speed.

VFX & editing: Andrius Vatirjo
Camera operator: Tioma Tiomavich
Sound: Gonjasufi - Candylane (ĀBCD Remix)
Visit -
Software: After Effects CS5.5, Adobe Premier CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS4, RE:Vision Effects - Twixtor

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