After locking his keys in his car and showing up late to work, Daniel is forced into an awkward situation. As his day becomes increasingly worse, Daniel suddenly runs into a string of luck when he wins a pair of tickets to see his favorite band, Foreigner. On top of that, Daniel inherits $50,000 from his recently deceased grandmother. What started off as a bad day quickly turns out to be the best day ever -- until an unexpected visitor shows up...

Daniel Fredrick
Sean Close
Benim Foster
Jessica DalCanton

Brian Troy -- Writer, Director of Photography, Director, Editor
Bethany Ditnes -- Assistant Director, Producer, Editor

Foreigner -- "Headknocker"
Foreigner -- "Hot Blooded"
Apache Dropout -- "Teenager"
Ludwig van Beethoven "Symphony #9 In D Minor, Op. 125 "Choral" - 4. Presto Allegro Assai"

Special Thanks:
Dr. Rick Josiassen
Dawn Filmyer
Alex Geboy
Michael Schmidt
Alexander Burns
Mike Troy
Adam Smith
My wonderful wife

copyright Brian Troy Films 2012

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