Sugar Girl tells the story of Sally, a young and independent London tourguide who decides to take a trip around the world. But when all the hard decisions have been made and she's just about to leave, she meets Tom, a young mime artist who happens to be looking for his missing dog, Scratchy. During her last days in the country, and with all the little things she still needs to sort out before leaving, Sally finds herself getting irrepressibly closer to Tom, against her better judgment. Confronted with what she wants the most when she least expects it, Sally is about to learn that love is full of choices.

Alice Cozza
Cullum Austin
Tika Peucelle
Rob Crouch
Hilary Lester

Written, produced & directed by
Bruno Simões

Director of photography
Ivo Cordeiro

Assistant Director
Jacob Woods

Production Designer
Kate Good

Sound Designer
Bruno Oliveira

Javier Santos Audera

Camera Assistant
Julia Bobbin

Jessica Hunte

Bruno Simões

Teaser Music
"Them Lies" by We Trust

© 2012 Drumkick Films

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