Choreographer Vartan Bassil of The Flying Steps blogs from the Red Bull Flying Bach Tour, where it's not just the amazing cultural experience of latest stop Turkey that's getting their pulses racing…

We couldn’t wait to get the plane to Turkey, where our tour will see us perform in Istanbul and Izmir, as well as the capital Ankara. We appreciate the change of scene a lot because it’s a completely different culture in which to present Red Bull Flying Bach. Istanbul, for example, as the unrivalled melting-pot of historical tradition and progress, of oriental culture and modern life, exactly reflects the contradictory terms of our ‘culture clash’ performance.

The journey didn’t start the way it should have, however: at the airport in Istanbul we unfortunately couldn’t fail to notice that one of our bags, with part of our costumes, was missing. As we all know, things like that always happen when you don’t have time for them. And we definitely hadn’t, because a guest performance in a well-known Turkish dancing show was planned for the evening. And not that much time was left! So we waited, and waited, and waited.


The good news was that we finally we got the bag back, the bad news was that it was after a delay of two hours.

As if the stress of that wasn’t enough, entering the streets of a city of a million people meant an unbelievable traffic jam and another one-hour delay. So when we arrived at the TV station, our time schedule had been seriously shortened! Anyway, the stress was soon forgotten and we had a lot of fun dancing on the show.

On Tuesday morning we had another TV show, which was pretty cool, too. In fact, just being in this metropolis of Istanbul is such a crazy and overwhelming experience. We are really looking forward to the adventures of the coming days.

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