Midwest Mayhem 3 just went down on June 9th and it was completely different than anything our filmer Bango Snapson has ever seen. We sent Snapson out to Milwaukee from Brooklyn to cover the event…alone. We had 5 filmers in 5 different states this weekend so the budget was too tight to send anyone with him. That and we sent a 6 man crew and a Hooters Girl down to Red Bulls Ride + Style about a month back, so we had to watch the budget. I mean we are talking about 5 round trips plane tickets to 5 different states, rental cars, hotel rooms, food money, etc. Snapson has never been to Milwaukee; none of us have. I watched the second Midwest Mayhem go down from the comfort of my apartment in Brooklyn last year, so when we sent Snapson out there we, and he, had no idea what to expect.

Snapson arrived in Milwaukee on Friday, checked into the hotel and went to check Milwaukee out. He checked in with me from time to time just to keep me updated, but for the most part everything was going smoothly. Saturday everything changed. Snapson hit me up around 6pm Milwaukee time, “Yo Son I am inside the garage bar where they are supposed to have these video premieres before the contest and no one here knows anything about this.” (Snapson is actually highly educated, but I always wanted him to sound more hood, so why not)

“Are you at the right place?” I trust him, but even players fuck up.

“Yeah I am at the right place my dude! You questioning me!?! I’ll shank you in the throat homie!” he passively answered.

“Well did anyone at the contest say anything about them changing the premiere venue?” I asked.

“The contest hasn’t gone down yet son, it doesn’t start until 11pm, but I haven’t seen a single person on a fixed gear on this block god.” Snapson quipped.

“Wait; what time does this contest end then?” I inquired.

“Dunno homie, maybe like 2am. It’s cool though, I brought the heater from my crib.”

“Wait…what? You brought a gun on the airplane, are you carzy!?! That’s like 10 years in prison!” I replied in a monotone voice.

“Yo calm the fuck down son! I hid it in one of my camera bags. If you put a long lense over the barrel it looks just like a Cannon 7D! Besides I am out here alone in the hood, with no one watching my back!”

“Really? A Cannon 7D, no shit? I think you are over reacting, you’re not in the hood.” I said in an attempt to calm him down.

“Milwaukee is Trife!!!”

“Look, just hang out and film the comp when it starts, no big deal.” Again I was trying to calm him down.

“It is a big deal! I wanna kill this shit, I am about to get all these guys talking on camera.” He informed me.

“Look I don’t care what you do, just don’t get all crazy.” I was getting worried.

“Fuck that, they either get a camera to the face, or the gun, naw mean!”

“I am sorry, but I actually do not know what you mean. Just talk to the riders they are all really nice guys.” I began dialing our Editor in Chief Wolf on my wife’s phone in fear of potential murder charges that might arise later.

“Any ideas which ones I should run up on? You know like when you run up on someone like “run your pockets!”” he said in a sadistic tone.

“Um, again I apologize, but I am not sure what the running of pockets even is. Just look for the guy who takes his shirt off first, and the guy wearing the weirdest pants/shorts; those are the guys who are the best to put in front of the camera…oh and an African American guy dancing would be great too” I was hoping that he would heed some of my advice.

“African American? You can just say black.” He laughed

“I don’t think it’s PC to say Black.” I replied.

“The only white people scared to say Black are ones who are slightly raciest and are scared they might be found out son.” He informed me. “Are you a racist homie?”

“What? No! Fine a black guy dancing.” He forced it out of me.

“Why does it gots to be a black guy racist!”

“wha…but you said…white guys suck at dancing?…I dunno…”

“Yo I am just breakin your balls! Aight son, got it, YOLO!” and he hung up the phone. I wasn’t exactly sure what Yolo County in Northern California had to do with anything, but at least he sounded excited.

The contest went well, Snapson did a great job with this edit, and there were only two main fuck ups.
1. Boothby got Antonyo Woothe’s last name wrong…”did he just say Warhol?”
2. Antonyo continued the name errors by getting our name wrong…”did he just say Fixie Factory?”
Both were what I deem acceptable mistakes, Warhol should live in our souls forever, and anyone whose last name starts with a “W” is prone to getting the Warhol error; and aparently Fixie Factory is the aparment where Antonyo and his homie live; can't we just call it the Fixie Famous Factory?


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