Mellonta Tauta is a realistic story from the future on the past history that portrays the prevailing progressive image on things.
The conversion of the representation on to reality, which, as a punishment, it is proposed to be boring, bumpy, irritating, unnecessary and unbearable.
With a powerful and invasive silent force, image has contaminated everything: roads, houses, cities, the whole world, it has stolen our lives and took possession of our bodies. The image is spectacular representation that engulfs everything, even the criticism, which, indeed, feed it.
Democratic forms of government and regimes are no more than the other side of the spectacle, because exploiting the rules of the show itself.
In a democracy no one is master of his life because the Spectacle is the negation of life. The democracy of the spectacular 'image has made the perfect crime.
Everything is a representation.
The participation of humanity on the reality has been plagiarized.
The democracy of the spectacular is the "perfect" form of government !

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