Video by Enda O'Dowd

ReFunct Media v2.0 is a collaborative project created with Karl Klomp and Gijs Gieskes during DeFunct/ReFunct in RuaRed. This project is based on the version 1.0 created in 2010

In the "Practice of Everyday Life" Michel de Certeau investigates the ways in which users-commonly assumed to be passive and guided by established rules-operate. He asserts:

"This goal will be achieved if everyday practices, "ways of operating" or doing things, no longer appear as merely obscure background of social activity, and if a body of theoretical questions, methods, categories, and perspectives, by penetrating this obscurity, make it possible to articulate them."

"ReFunct Media" is a multimedia installation that (re)uses numerous "obsolete" electronic devices (digital and analogue media players and receivers). Those devices are hacked, misused and combined into a large and complex chain of elements. To use an ecological analogy they "interact" in different symbiotic relationships such as mutualism, parasitism and commensalism.

Voluntarily complex and unstable, "ReFunct Media" isn't proposing answers to the questions raised by e-waste, planned obsolescence and sustainable design strategies. Rather, as an installation it experiments and explores unchallenged possibilities of 'obsolete' electronic and digital media technologies and our relationship with technologies and consumption.

Part of DeFunct/ReFunct with LoVid, Tom Verbruggen, Benjamin Gaulon, Karl Klomp, Gijs Gieskes and Rosa Menkman

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