This video titled 'We Met Heads On' is my remix of the 3D scan hackathon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY organised by Makerbot. The public were invited to scan artifacts to then modify and 3d print derivatives. The files ended up on Thingiverse, giving me access to the scans, in particular 'decimation study - met heads' by scotta3d which is a derivative from another thingiverse user tbuser. To continue the lineage of derivatives, I have placed the low-polygon heads from scotta3d into a Processing sketch that distorts the meshes in realtime in response to sound and outputs the modified stl objects. The soundwave is analysed from the streaming audio and used to force the mesh to twist to the strength of the soundwave. Performed and recorded in real-time.

The song is "Air And Lack Thereof" by James Blake.

Processing Libraries
toxiclibs by Carsten Schmidt
Minim by Damien (3D derivatives of the above video to be posted soon) (portfolio)!/M_PF

special thanks to Marius Watz, the GX30 crew, iMal, Makerbot, Bre, Andrew Pelkey, the Met, David Gardener, and scotta3d (whoever you are, nice heads!)

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