Based on " Half Moon " Bahman Ghobadi ( 2006 )
Music / " Ey Yar " Gorani Kurdi by Marjan & Mahsa Vahdat and " Masar " Le Trio Joubran
Created & produced / Massod Vadiee & Arden Zahedi-Bogucka
Sound / Soho Sound Group
A Dokumuzik Projekt 2012

" yet another beautiful labor of love "
Professor Hamid Dabashi ( Columbia University )

Synopsis et détails

Mamo est un vieux musicien kurde de grande renommée qui vit au Kurdistan iranien. Depuis 35 ans, date de la prise de pouvoir par Saddam Hussein, il n'a pas eu le droit de donner de concert au Kurdistan irakien. A la chute du régime, l'interdiction est levée. L'un des ses fidèles admirateurs, Kako, emprunte un bus décati pour mener à bien cette mission sacrée : conduire Mamo sur le lieu de son concert, de l'autre côté de la frontière, après avoir rassemblé les dix fils de Mamo, tous musiciens et adultes (certains sont sexagénaires), et qui vivent éparpillés dans la partie iranienne du Kurdistan.

After the fall of Saddam Hussein, Mamo (Ismail Ghaffari), a famed Kurdish musician living in Iran, gathers his many sons for a trip across the border to Iraqi Kurdistan and a long-planned celebratory concert. Despite failing health and his offspring’s fluctuating commitment to the dangerous enterprise, Mamo is resolute; neither callous border guards nor his own recurring premonitions of disaster will derail the performance.
Fateful and funny, haunting and magical, “Half Moon” balances delicately between the harsh realities of its location and the mystical power of Mamo’s visions. Shooting mainly in Iranian Kurdistan, the cinematographers Nigel Bluck and Crighton Bone find an unearthly beauty amid the gambling frenzy of a cockfight and the silent ranks of exiled female singers lining the rooftops of a mountain village. As the end of the journey draws near, the line between the natural and the supernatural becomes increasingly difficult to discern.
By Jeannette Catsouli

A venerable Kurdish musician takes off with his 10 sons to cross the border into Iraq, a voyage fraught with danger and portents of catastrophe in Bahman Ghobadi's "Half Moon." Each succeeding Ghobadi film feels like a journey back to a hauntingly familiar yet ever-changing landscape; here, death blurs the frontier between reality and dream, though never dimming the pic's startling beauty, raucous humor or indomitable ethos. Less immediately accessible than Ghobadi's child-centered tragedies "A Time for Drunken Horses" and "Turtles Can Fly," picaresque odyssey should still safely lure dedicated arthouse auds.
The Variety Magazine (2007)

Mamo (Ismail Ghaffari), a legendary Kurdish musician, gathers his twelve sons and sets out for the border between Iranian and Iraqi Kurdistan so the group can perform at a "freedom" concert in Iraq. The concert would mark the first performance of traditional Kurdish music in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein who had banned Kurdish music during his reign. The historic event is so important to Mamo, whose health is fading, that he ignores premonitions of his own death to venture on with his sons, who are themselves reluctant to make the journey.

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