We’ve been busy!
Here are some of the ways that we have helped women and families who are struggling. In 2011 we paid:

13 Mortgage payments

8 Medication payments

11 Co-payments

21 Electric bills

14 Gas bills

2 Sewer bills

8 Phone bills

7 Cable bills

4 Water bills

18 Rent payments

1 Maintenance fee

5 Car payments

1 Car repair

2 Garbage bills

2 Tax bills

2 Health insurance premiums

2 Car insurance premiums

1 Wheelchair


Purchased groceries/gift cards for 12 patients

Purchased gas cards for 16 patients

Purchased Christmas gifts for 2 families

Purchased college text books for 1 family

Purchased a microwave for 1 family

Purchased flowers for1 family

Arranged for Lawn Mowing service for 1 patient

Provided transportation from surgery for 1 patient

Breast Intentions acknowledges that none of this is possible without your help!
Together We Can Make A Difference. Please Donate Today.

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