We were invited to take part in the Videophonic panel for PromaxBDA 2012, where eight elite studios were asked to create a music video for a song released before MTV changed everything. We chose this 1968 classic from Serge Gainsbourg and Bridgette Bardot. As it turns out, everything just looks better at 5,300 frames per second.

Producers: David Ball, Mike Beaumont, Jeff Boddy, Andrew Schneider
Production Coordinators: Kayla McIntyre, Maya Sayre, Nikki Smolic
Creative Directors: Mike Beaumont, Jeff Boddy
Editor: Mike Beaumont
Senior Motion Designer/VFX: Chris Schoenman
Designer/VFX: Jeff Boddy
Sound Design: Mike Beaumont, Kurt Keaner
Colorists: Mike Beaumont, Kurt Keaner

Director of Photography: Wayne Sells
Gaffer: Jared Greene
Grips: Shane Bonnette, Brad Keplinger, Parker Sells, Kyle Beecher
Phantom Flex Tech: Eric Girgash, The Camera Department
Pyrotechnics: Richard Fike, Thom Allport, Stunt Predators
Stylist: Susan Gulcher
Props: Jeff Boddy, Mike Beaumont, Kayla McIntyre, Nikki Smolic, Courtney Stone

Bonnie Parker: Holly Beal
Clyde Barrow: Andy Malone
Posse Members: Lou Capparelli, Greg Couts, Keith Keplinger, John Peterson

Stylist: Jaymie Stroud
Hats: Kareem Jackson, Milk Bar Boutique

Vincent DeNiro, Exotic Arms
Nick Couts, Dan Wineland, Wayne Sells

1934 Ford V8 courtesy of Rick Lindner
RED Epic & Lenses courtesy of Ohio HD: Scott Handel, Casey Hunter

Filmed entirely on location at The Backlot

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