Recently V-Zit BVBA, Sculp(It) Architects, HSS ship-building yard together with ship-builders Tinnemans B.V., and the City of Antwerp had the first part of their floating swimming pool project, the 'Badboot', leave the construction site. This part is the first one of the two halves Badboot consists of, each 60 meters long.
The project will turn into a 120 meter long floating swimming pool in one piece, consisting of a 30 by 9.5 meter swimming pool, a 10 by 9.5 meter kiddy pool and a large terrace. The second part will contain more terrace, a restaurant, a reed bed for water purification and two venue halls.
In between this massive floating swimming pool and the quayside, a refurbished ferryboat will serve as a the entrance point and as a cocktail bar.

Camera: Benno Van den Bogaert, Editing: Guy Melis

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