De Versicoloribus Naturalium Ludis is an animation video produced by Fabrica, Benetton Group Media and Communication research centre and directed by Artem Ludyankov, a young Russian filmmaker, resident of the Video area of Fabrica.

The video is the final result of a research project about the use of optical illusions and colors in the video art. Both elements are used with the aim to create a surreal and oneiric environment which exists between the abstract and the figurative, capable to affect the viewer's mind and feelings on different levels without the use of any narrative structure or logical scenario.

The author was inspired by the wild nature of the jungle, a magic combination of beauty and danger. An imaginary world inside the real world. The video shows several apparently imaginary animals which, instead, really exist.

The author‘s question is: “are we able to see unusual things in our life? Is our mind so used to recognize only common things of our daily life for us to loose a lot of interesting things around us? Optical illusion exists for the same reason. We see what we expect to see.”


Direction, animation and editing
Artem Ludyankov

Davide Cairo
Jhon William Castaño Montoya

Creative Supervision
Ries Straver

Technical Supervision
Alessandro Favaron

Design Direction
Omar Vulpinari

Title Design and Graphics
Arianna Di Betta
Michela Povoleri

Press and Communication
Loredana Rigato

Title Consultant
Lorenza Fornasiero

Creative Direction Live Windows project
Alfio Pozzoni

Financial Supervision
Federico Mariotto

Special Thanks
Laura Pollini

FABRICA © 2012

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