music is (Speaking Portraits) [Vol. I--v. 1.4]--

In his ongoing video art work of “speaking portraits,” artist/poet/sound-artist George Quasha puts an impossible, but unavoidable, question before musicians/composers of all kinds and in many places: what is music? In response musicians let us in on their private space of music definition. This intimate view of speaking faces, each filling the screen, shows how different it is for artists/musicians to say what art or music is than for others (critics, historians, philosophers, viewers). For a particular musician, music may not only be an object, a thing historically defined, but something close to the core of one's life, perhaps even a singular event. Here we gain unique access to its nature in the person speaking.


Rafal Augustyn, David Behrman, Bhaka Tulku Rinpoche, Ben Boretz, Anthony Braxton, Marek Choloniewski, Jey Clark, Marilyn Crispell, Margaret DeWys, Scott Diamond, Paul Flaherty, Mariano Gil, Brenda Hutchinson, Susie Ibarra, Franz Kamin, George Lewis, Chris Mann, Miya Masaoka, Joe McPhee, Meredith Monk, Thurston Moore, Silvia Nakkach, Pauline Oliveros, Elizabeth Panzer, Laetitia Sonomi, Rosalie Sorrels, Andrew Sterman, Carl Stone, Richard Teitelbaum, Joan Tower, Gary Weisberg, Elie Yarden, Pamela Z

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