Copyright The August Exchange © 2012. Videography and editing by Taylor Dukehart. Additional editing by Jared Schaubert.


"I'm not quite finished with you," she said
"Don't you dare walk away from me now!"
Take a seat, put the pencil in my hand
I turn away at the coaxing of sweet revelry
Shut the book, push the papers back, walk away
And leave responsibility right where I want it to be

There's no time like tomorrow
At least that's what I'd like to make myself believe
There's no time like tomorrow
'Cause when your heart starts pounding
You know that tomorrow is only just seconds away

I stare in disbelief at the letters in my hand
The sum of all the time that I have squandered
How long before we really understand
That it's never worth the wait
To live while you can, to wake up while you can?

"I'm done with denying," I said
"One thing I know:
The longer you delay it
The more that you will have to grow."

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