Noise music is a strange beast. Everyone has an opinion on it, but spending long nights in dark warehouses, we've grown a unique appreciation for all types of it. There's a unique anti-melody buried in most that's unlike anything you'll ever see in a normal band. You can see the crowd in this instance react. It's a culmination of pure noise, and a driving force that in the end forces you zone out in a way any normal music wouldn't. Some people will never like this genre. Some might write certain noise acts off just because they're breaking shit, or whipping metal around. However, look at the crowd in this video when the switch gets flipped. His fist is clenched harder than I've seen at any punk show. When Slaughter Fetus stands, looking at the crowd, letting the noise wash over everyone, some of them seemingly can't handle it, forcing them to pick up random objects and break them. In our opinion, this isn't them being unreasonable, it's them giving in to the wave that was created and left for them to do what they wish with it.

Ascites are from Texas.
Slaughter Fetus are from Louisiana.
I can't find proper links for either, but here's a cool tour blog for this particular run that's really worth the read :

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