...how will you leave your legacy?

Video by Garrett Gunther BS '11, MS '12 (@gwgunther), Kris Cheng BS '11 MS '12 (krischeng.com, @kris2740), and Dominique Yahyavi BS '11

Music: Outro by M83
Speech: Ray Lewis to Stanford Men's Basketball team, "Pissed off for Greatness", recorded by Mike Johnstone (youtube.com/watch?v=07fhOVQ9wEA)

Why this video?

We noticed that many people tend to tout how pretty Stanford is, or how fun it is to go fountain hopping in our endless fountains. We won't deny either, but there's something much, much richer that thrives here. So we decided to tell the story of Stanford behind the scenes-- the endless hours of dedication that most people, even close friends, never see. We hope that we did justice in capturing just how amazing Stanford truly is as well as its community - it's the people that make this institution what it is. This video started as an idea for a school side project three months ago, and here we are. We can all agree that the best part about making this film was meeting all of the incredible individuals - hearing their stories and seeing the work they put in behind the scenes goes beyond words. Simply put, it was incredible to be filming them and it's inspiring to know that they do this day in and day out.

We chose Ray Lewis' speech because it was given to the Stanford Men's Basketball team before their victorious NIT Championship game earlier this year. We found it to be a truly special gem, and we felt it spoke to the core mentality of many a Stanford student. So thank you Stanford Men's Basketball and thank you Ray Lewis.

Tremendous thanks to everyone who helped make this. There is absolutely no way we could have done this without your help!

Josh Owens, thanks for all the epic shots, and more importantly for never missing!
Max Bergen, let's get weird! thanks for adjusting that workout to fit our needs
Kellen Kiilsgaard, thanks for coming out of retirement bro, you still got it
Ashley Morgan, stale bread, the best kind. thanks for fitting us in between Giants games
Adam Jahn, okay, one last time! ...okay really one last time!
Stanford Crew (Craig Amerkhanian, Dave Evans), thanks for getting us on the water
Meg Hostage, you missed a spot...
Jaye Buchbinder, thank you for being so excited to get filmed!
Wilson Bowen, we'll get that trick shot next time
Aishu Venkataraman, thanks for reppin the LBC!
Alli Rath, we owe you a canvas
Alyssa Baldocchi, feed ronnie an apple for us!
Susanna Sheehan, more resin please!
Derek Chang, yo, we accidentally deleted the files again... just kidding
Jon Kotzin, gloves on, one more time
Kiran Malladi, you light my fire. "welding... just kidding"
Lena Wolfe, thanks for the impromptu shoot!
Adam Selzer, our favorite musician thank you for putting in the work and all the support!

Earl Koberlein, our main man, thank you for the support from the beginning!
Johnathon Robinson, Thanks for the early morning hang outs man, have fun in Houston!
Jen Landers, Thank you for getting us access to the facilities!
Ralph Nguyen - thanks for getting us in touch for who we needed to
Colin Delehanty - you gave us inspiration and music help
Jon Noguchi - our heavy slider lifter for those late night timelapses

Also, Kelsey, Carlee, Michelle, Tira, Jairo, Tamer - appreciated having your support along the way!

The film was shot primarily on a Canon 5dIII and 7d with 50mm f1.4 and 16-35mm f2.8 lenses, as well as a GoPro HD Hero for underwater scenes. Big thanks to dynamic perception for making a great timelapse dolly, and the Radian motion time-lapse device (alpinelaboratories.com), created by Kris and several other Stanford students.

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