By Tim Ireland:

Andrew Gilligan works as a journalist for the Evening Standard newspaper, and he is quite supportive of Boris Johnson.

[A quick declaration of interest: I produced the personal website/weblog of Boris Johnson.]

In separate instances months apart, bloggers criticising Andrew Gilligan (and later Boris Johnson) detected multiple visits to their sites originating from searches for 'andrew gilligan' and resulting in anonymous comments *about* Andrew Gilligan that looked like they were written *by* Andrew Gilligan.


Andrew Gilligan repeatedly failed to engage at any sensible level, even when confronted with evidence tracing some of these 'sock puppet' comments back to his place of work.

All major threads external to involving the resulting conversation have been preserved in this video with some 350+ screen captures forming the 14-second 'rush' sequence. No matter what happens to these websites in the future, the relevant bloggage will be locked up inside this animation like a little time capsule... so future generations may know the greatness of Andrew Gilligan and his works.

(Regulars: I apologise for its lateness, only I was in the middle of the whole 'Bond' sequence when I happened across another sock-puppeteer and wannabe spy by the name of Jenvey, and things got a bit busy after that.)

Nobody Does It Better by Aimee Mann from this most excellent album of James Bond themes:

Piano by Microrator:

Added visual effects by:
Dale Matthews, Dameous, m㮧 and gASteIz via

Sound effects by:
FreqMan, Srehpog, junggle, Jon285, waterboy920 and nthompson via

Here's another video I made with a Bond theme; this one's about the Iraq war and its aftermath:

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