I directed this in 2007, while working at HBO Digital. It contains all kinds of stunts and illusions, including levitation, and yet there are no cuts, dissolves, or other transitions. Nor are there any digital effects used for the stunts. The video has attracted over 30 MILLION VIEWS across multiple Youtube accounts, Funny Or Die (where Will Ferrell and Adam McKay chose it as one of their all-time faves), and other sites.

The whole thing was shot on a Sunday morning in Burbank, using the former apartment of one of the actors. We shot somewhere between 4 and 6 takes. Shockingly, considering all the things that could have gone wrong, we could have used any one of them. We used the last one because it was the shortest and I wanted to get it in under five minutes. The whole thing was shot with a three-person crew and finished in four hours.

Originally, we deliberately degraded the quality to give it more of a home video look. Although it was shot in glorious SD, this is the first time it's been uploaded in full resolution. Now it's easier than ever to see that David Blaine's beard was actually drawn on with a pencil.

Starring Mikey Day, Michael Naughton and Mitch Silpa as David Blaine.
DP: Andrew Sachs

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