Amrish approached us almost a year ago. He wanted to propose, but do it differently. I was given a blank canvas and started to sketch out an elaborate scheme. Mohahaha (evil laugh!)

This took a lot of planning and preparation as we had to film a pre-recorded video that showed Amrish being interviewed and performing. Bruno Mars is a genius writer and a couple of his songs would provide the setting. I wanted the audience to get the feeling that something wasn't right. We had to storyboard the piece carefully to make sure that his identity was revealed gradually.

On the day we used a great restaurant called the Red Turban in Harrow. The restaurant was local to the couple and their friends. Watch as Nishma sits in a restaurant with friends and family only to realise that all was not what it seemed.

A special thanks to Emma Rice the presenter and Andre Foster for joining the team for the day. Also to the

Simeon Quarrie
twitter: simeonquarrie

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