«L’Âme de fond» - «Depth of the soul»

A short film by Eric Bourdouxhe

Staring : Cloé Xhauflaire, Frédéric Nyssen

5: 30 in the morning : Mathieu wakes-up after having a nightmare in which he saw his daughter dying. He is on the verge of tears. He no longer knows what is real or not. The phone rings. The nightmare Mathieu had amplifies his anxiety. He runs down the stairs, picks-up the phone and faints. Marie, his wife, takes the handset. The hospital is asking them to dash there. A doctor awaits them, she is visibly uncomfortable and tells them THE bad news...

The film:

" Depth of the soul " is the story of a couple who handles the loss of a child in a schizophrenic way. The story takes us to the unsuspected anxieties hidden in our soul. It is an exploration of fear, death and absolute love.
The Director indirectly addresses topics as absolute as grieving for a child or the place of “the other” in a couple. No love can fill the void or the pain left after the loss of a child. When beliefs about good and bad, sin or life after death come into play, then all deviations are justified... This leaves us with the following question: can one give up on his soul for the love of the two people out there whom he loves the most ? This film is a painful ode to love and an unclaimed critic of diffuse fundamentalisms.

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