6Min. 2Sec. 2D- and draw- animation, made in 2012

At a stormy, rainy night, a boy named “EGG” lays an egg from which a monster is born.The boy, terrified, throws her into the forest. However this bizarre incident repeats every night, which leads EGG to feels like a monster himself, and his life gets more isolated…

Film by SUN & EGG
Music: Xingyu Li
Sound: Tobias Böhm
Voice: Yun Li, Xin Sun, Xingyu Li, Zhang Xuan, Mi Chai, Lei Lei, Hong Zhao

-Annecy 2012 2012 Annecy France
-Fest Anca 2012 Slovak Republic
-SUPERTOON Intrernational Animation Festival 2012 Zagreb CROATIA
- Hiroshima 2012 Hiroshima Japan
Hessische Rundfunk "frish film 12"

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