6-9-12. After I watched this Miami Dolphins cheerleader music video 3 times a day for 3 days I made this video to explain this was an offer to get Happy Days back, also at PL2 youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVDkjTNqYqh2F7B0rf2SoXSMtmpZBuAZ4. It ends with a prophecy of how it would be rejected.

I praised the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders in THIS CLASS L96, then I politely disagreed with them in class 17/15 vimeo.com/47612248 and in L109 vimeo.com/49352072 @ 5 min but the best advice is at 54 min and 1:20. Then I had to let them and the Bush twins have it in L127 @ 1 to 3 min at vimeo.com/105315202 . It's like "How could such beautiful and talented girls be so ugly?". Try to not let your horns show so much because it's a big turnoff to real Christians. New York City had the same problem in the last paragraph L94 @ vimeo.com/39845641. Also in L94 @ 20 to 31 minutes I explain the #912 means “unforgiven”, so the date helps confirms the offense that they were "unforgiven" (912) for how bad I was treated for my "69" of "your stare was holding" of adoring these girls for three days straight since 6-9-12. It caused me to make this class to show off what a good job I THOUGHT they did but I had to correct myself in later classes.

I got a sign at 5:17am on 6-16-12 that these girls mocked me as bad as Ms Swan at 12 to 99 min in #103 vimeo.com/37604796. But it helped confirm the hurricanes that hit Florida in 2004 were the wrath of God which was confirmed much more so a year later in the last paragraph below.

That made me so mad that I can barely stand to watch these girls now and then I realized that's what this part of the song means "It's hard to look right at you baby". Then I remembered a picture of the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders performing at a stadium where the empty seats were orange. I realized it was like the sign that heaven put into the movie South Pacific to show how many people walked out on that movie at the scene where they were mocking me, (@ 24 min in class 99 vimeo.com/36995187). It was a sign that God could make that same OJ come true on these cheerleaders. I know the Don Quixotes who defend women no matter how evil they are will say this only applies to you Mike and we’ve all joined these women’s side in mocking you. Except here's where “the wisdom of women is on a collision course with the wisdom of God*” because in that same 99 at 23 to 34 min I give an example of how it can catch up with ALL women and stick to ALL of them.
Another example is a pretty girl wearing T-shirt labeled CIA (Cute In Anything). When I corrected that misconception in class L5a vimeo.com/35287281 at 43 to 55 min I included a talk about the hurricanes that hit Florida in 2004 as the wrath of God on “the one’s” (my) behalf. I found out later (at the bottom paragraph) that it was mainly due to advanced paybacks to these cheerleaders. Then I connected that to these cheerleaders performing in that stadium where the empty orange (OJ) seats was a sign that there could be an Over Judgment on these girls just like in South Pacific where even the Don Quixotes would walk out when they find out they lost a home in a hurricane. In class 99 I explain that this is an end of the world thing and a women thing (not a L96 cheerleader thing) where God is going to expose all the damage that was done by women which will be compounded by the bad habit of women who try to steal the credits for all the good that happens. These L96 girls are very similar to song #5, (reading #8 explains it) at PL3 youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVDkjTNqYqh3MN80voE-wOLPOj-Dki8Sg .

In #169 @ 1 min vimeo.com/30629125 I say I go to Punchbowl cemetery to pay respect to USA heroes except after the last murder attempt on 3-20-14 it's not an option but a must because my safety is like this song by Genesis:

'Gators getting close, hasn't got me yet

I CAN'T DANCE, I can't talk.
Only thing about me is the way I walk

(these dolphins are actually the gators in L113 @ 26 min vimeo.com/50390744).

THE END of this L96 was prophetic of THE END OF MY CLASSES explained at 

L112 @ vimeo.com/50116128 :

The proof I have of the hurricanes that hit Florida in 2004 were the wrath of God on my behalf is in L123 @ 14 min vimeo.com/60109388. It was due to mocking me like the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders do in class L113 in their music video of the song CALL ME ray MAYBE. Just like a guy named Ray Maybe gets the majority of credits for the 1964 earthquake that hit Alaska as the wrath of God for slandering me, (blaming me for a bad real estate deal in class 127a @ 1hr @ mikeoversonendtimes.org), so to do the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders get the majority of the credits for those hurricanes due to encouraging DOZENS of mock the one versions of the song CALL ME ray MAYBE, (see L114 @ 9 min vimeo.com/50626250).

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