Im Drinkin This mixtape Vol. 2 was originally released on 50 hand dubbed VHS tapes in Omaha, NE by tape label Im Drinkin This. This Mixtape is a collection of concerts and semi debaucherous goings on in Omaha recorded by Harrison Martin.

Original description taken from the back of the VHS tape box released in summer of 2009:

"This video builds lean muscle that burns fat even
while you sleep! The yoga poses and exercises
patented by Harrison Martin -- and demonstrated
by a team of athletic trainers on "I'm Drinkin This
Mixtape Vol. 2" -- are guaranteed to give you that sore,
just-woke-up-unemployed body that all the other girls only dream of.
Included on this VHS are prime examples of Martin's breakthrough
Blacked Out Workout: the Shrieking Zombie, The Concerned Albino Speaking
to Police, the Rhyming Nebbish, the Nineteen Year-Old Destroys Private
Property and the Pickup That Falls Flat, just to name a few. Now you too can
exercise to the point of extreme public spectacle without regard for
tomorrow! And with such a pale, taut body, there will be no need to feel
ashamed in the morning! Just be sure to follow Dr. Martin's patented
hydration tips in conjunction with your new workout routine and soon, you'll
have that figure that says to the world, "Yup, I've been Drinkin This."
-Patrick Kinney"

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