This is the final version of the image video my dedicated crew and me did for one of the finest universities in the world. The University of Music and Performing Arts located in Vienna, Austria (
Downloading the file and watching it on a full HD monitor is recommended.

When writing the concept to the image video together with my colleague Tobias federsel, we decided to put the teachers and students at the heart of the film. There is nothing like convincing statements from dedicated teachers and satisfied students to pass the unique massage this university brings.

As a second layer to illustrate how unique this university is, me and my crew joined some of the unique "one on one lessons" the university is offering its students.

Last but not least, Vienna is famous and reworded for its cultural tradition. It was clear to us that the city must come out in a way to fully support our "dynamic tradition" concept.

Camera choice decision:
There are lots of fine filming tools out there, but I chose to use the change in the VDSLR generation as an opportunity to explore and learn more about the up coming new tools.

Nikon was the kind to support me with a D4 pre-production model that was later replaced with a production model. (very few shots were done with the D3200. I am sure you can spot them)....

Since picture in the full frame mode was very soft, I was "forced" to work in 2.7 crop mode, the one Nikon recommends most for best results. Indeed, picture in this mode is crisp and clear!

Audio was recorded separately. Only a guide track audio was wirelessly fed into the camera.

Most interviews were done with Litepanels 1x1 LED light ( and Viso kinoflow type light (
Additional lights: Arri tungstan 300-650w

Adobe CS2 with Cineform engine.

Additional equipment list for the shown footage:

Sachtler system 18 S1 ENG 2 CF tripod
Vocas base plate
Cineroid Metal HDSDI EVF
TVlogic VFM 056W 5.6 monitor
Kata FlyBY 76
Slider-Kessler "Pocket Dolly Philip Bloom edition"

Many thanks to my dedicated crew:
Co director-Tobias Federsel
Sound man-Franz Moritz
Gaffer- Ewald Grabenbauer
Camera/editing assistant- Claudia Würtl

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