Video projection for "Alice in Wonderland" (Alice in the rabbit hole and lake of tears scenes), at Anhaltisches Theater in Dessau, June 2012.
Choreography by Tomasz Kajdanski.
Orchestra Conductor: Wolfgang Kluge
Scenography, costumes and light design by Dorin Gal.
Music: "An Elegy to Our Forefathers" (Orchestral Set n°2) by Charles Ives.
Dancers: Laura Costa Chaud, Juan Pablo Lastras-Sanchez, Joe Monaghan, Anna-Maria Tasarz, Charline Debons, Anna Jo, Joshua Swain, Sokol Bida, Annelies Waller, Thomas Ambrosini, Enea Bakiu, Jonathan Augereau, Annelies Waller, Charline Debons, Mélanie Legrand, Eunji Yang.

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