Caribbean Cultural Center Africa Diaspora Institute in partnership with MoCADA present
In A Time of Change

In A Time of Change
Solo Exhibit: Delphine Fawundu-Buford
Curated by: Shantrelle P. Lewis
On View: June 6 – July 16, 2012
Opening Reception: June 16, 2012 | 4 – 7pm

In A Time of Change, a solo exhibition featuring the photography of New York based artist Delphine Fawundu-Buford, is a profound reflection of the conditions faced by Black and Latino youth in American society during the Age of Obama.

Although America has experienced the administration of its first Black president – a Black man, Black and Latino boys continue to be in crisis. American education has a deep-rooted marriage to the Prison Industrial Complex and today, Black and Latino boys are arrested and incarcerated at higher rates than any other demographic in the U.S. There are more young men in prison cells than there are matriculating through high school and college campuses. In the series In A Time of Change, Delphine situates her subjects, a Black pre-teen and a Latino teen, in environments that oftentimes represent a direct affront to their very existence. Each of the young men, however, confront both their surroundings and circumstances, equipped with various texts that have the power to chart their trajectory in a direction opposite of the one society has already ascribed to them. Highlighting texts from David Walker’s Appeal and Jacob Carruthers’ Intellectual Warfare to Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements, each perplexing, large-scale image leaves the viewer contemplating the destiny of the Fawundu-Buford’s subjects and their peers. One wonders whether or not through vigilant education, can change indeed come.

H(A)UNTED Public Installation at MoCADA
Guest-Curated by: Shantrelle P. Lewis

Delphine Fawundu-Bufords’s In A Time of Change will run opposite of H(A)UNTED’s Public Installation at MoCADA, a series of 5 images on display along the museum’s building on South Oxford Place. Featuring the work of five Brooklyn-based Black male photographers, the series of photographs articulates/confronts/questions the historical criminalization and stereotyping of Black men in the U.S. – realities that each subject confronts, negotiates and defies on a daily basis, by his very existence.

Malik Cumbo, Russell Frederick, Jahse, Dwayne Rodgers and Radcliffe Roye

Blitz the Ambassador, Hip-Hop Artist
Lumumba Bandele, Community Activist
Dr. Robert Gore, Physician
Steven Lawson, New York City Middle School Teacher
Sim Walker, Owner Negril and SoCo

H(A)UNTED’s MoCADA Public Installation
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 16, 2012 | 4 -7pm
80 Hanson Place | Brooklyn, NY

Contact or 212.307.7420 ext. 3008 for more details.

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