Can a nation be saved in a day? Can a country be brought forth in a moment? - Isaiah 66:8
How powerful is a single day? How moving...a single moment?
Think of the greatest moments of your life. Were these moments centered around you? or do they serve a greater purpose? Are they designed by love? Not only love for family or friends...but for those who have no food, no home, no love. Have you helped create their moments?
These are the moments that shape us. These are the days we think about when we face death.
A first smile, A first real embrace. The moment you prayed with a complete stranger and they were delivered from bitterness, from hate, from lust, from alcoholism...The moment you observed someone experience God's perfect healing...his perfect salvation. The moment when a village raised their hands to heaven....a moment a city surrendered. A moment a nation united under ONE God.
Can a nation be saved in ONE day? Can a country be brought forth in a single moment?
We believe that ONE nation is Honduras.
We believe that ONE day is July 20th, 2013.
And we believe this is the generation to realize Isaiah's bold vision.
The nation of Honduras is broken up into 18 states with 18 capital cities. Our goal is to reach every person in every state PERSONALLY through the following 5 strategies:
1. Partner with the Government.
In late 2011, President Lobo-Sosa of Honduras signed a resolution declaring 1Nation1Day a national holiday. He also gave signed legal authorization and full support for every 1Nation1Day initiative.
2. Assemble the Largest Missions Team in History.
We are recruiting a team of 2,000 passionate missionaries to personally reach out to every teenager in the nation. This team will strategically infiltrate every high school in the entire nation bringing impacting dramas, one on one prayer and a school-wide call to salvation.
3. Distribute Life Saving Aid.
In the same week, we will mobilize hundreds of doctors, dentists, and medical professionals to provide free medical care and medicine to those living in extreme poverty.
We will also ship 18 containers each loaded with 272,000 high nutrition relief meals for a total of almost 5 million meals distributed to thousands of impoverished families.
4. Mobilize the Local Church.
In order to ensure lasting impact and sustainable discipleship, we will work in cooperation with virtually every local pastor in Honduras. 30,000 pastors and leaders will gather in two massive soccer stadiums for training events with some of the world's most influential church leaders. Each pastor will walk away with books, materials and a discipleship plan.
5. Preach to the Nation.
On Saturday July 20th, 2013, the week-long campaign will culminate to one historic day and one ground-breaking moment that will shake the entire nation at its core. 18 ministries will host 18 outreaches in the 18 largest venues in the heart of all 18 capital cities. Thousands will gather in their city and millions will watch the live television broadcast as it airs throughout every corner of Honduras and all of Latin America.
We believe that the gospel will reach every city, every village, every home and every soul with its transforming message. That an entire nation will be saved in ONE day. That a country will be brought to God in ONE moment.
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