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In 2011, Toronto declared a War on Graffiti. Leading the anti-graffiti campaign is the city’s most bombastic and belligerent mayor in recent history. A middle aged, SUV driving businessman who demands conformity with his suburban view of the city and fears what he does not understand.

On the other side of the war artists struggle to defend graffiti’s anarchist and anti-social soul while accepting corporate commissions, attending gallery openings of their work and getting a taste of the security commercial artists enjoy...but at what cost?

We’ve been following the stories of street artists including Deadboy, Spud, and Joel Richardson for more than a year as they teeter between cashing in and selling out.

Between the Lines will bring you all the kick-ass drama of a graffiti flick with some insights about how the art world is changing rebel artists… and how they might be changing It.

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