This is the music video for 'I Feel Love' by Donna Summer I directed for the 2012 Promax Conference panel called VIDEOPHONIC. It is BiG MACHiNE studio's ( official submission.

Videophonic is a panel I created that brought 9 top design studios from around the world together to work on one common assignment: create a music video for any song that is too old to have a music video. It could have been any song.. no restrictions at all. Just make a video that shows off the participating design studios unique style and personality. I thought it would be great to bring together a group of creatives that are normally rivals who compete against each other for work - to do something collaborative that celebrates a sense of community.

The panel took place Wednesday June 13th at 11:45am at the Promax conference in Hall A and was a great success! Everyone's video was AMAZING. The studios all brought it and made for an incredible display of creativity. Many network marketing executives that attended our panel came up to me afterwards and remarked how refreshing it was to see such creativitiy on display when there wasn't a marketing agenda or an assignment from a client leading the work.

It was a great exercise and a very positive experience. I look forward to doing this again next year.

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