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Exorior was a project that we had talked quite a lot about. Exorior was our second big project(No Limit being our first). When we talked about it, we both described this notion of being able to slow down considerably in speed(meaning that the footage would role in only 20% speed), so every detail would be crystal clear.

In the beginning I actually didn`t think we would be able to slow down to that speed (without "frame lagging") using the 550D at 60fps. We used a software known as "Twixtor". Twixtor generates extra frames by using different algorithms. I went out and shoot different scenes with the 550D(t2i) just to be sure we could do this. One of the shots that convinced me that we actually would be able to take on this projects was a clip of my sister running towards the camera, while the camera on a steadicam was just pulling backwards. The actual clip will be included in my showreel, coming december 31st 2012.

We shoot most of the work on "Exorior" using the 550D(t2i) because we only had access to a 50mm and a 150-500mm lens on the full format(35mm) sensor on the 5D mark 2, but certain clips have been shot on the 5D. Besides the 5D only has a maximum of 30fps. It did bother me just a little that we could`t get full 1080P resolution on the slowmo footage(only 720P), but i ultimately felt that it would be better to have slowmo sequences in medium quality rather than not having them at all.

Exorior is without doubt our best project until this date, but we are really pleased that that we know what we have to do better next time. I personally feel that "Exorior" proves that we are climbing upwards on the ladder towards success.

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