art is (Speaking Portraits)--[Vol. II]--

In this continuance of the video art work of “speaking portraits,” artist/poet George Quasha puts an impossible, but unavoidable, question before additional artists, of all kinds and in many places: what is art? In response artists let us in on their private space of art definition. This intimate view of speaking faces, each filling the screen, shows how different it is for artists to say what art is than for others (critics, historians, philosophers, viewers). For a particular artist, art may not only be an object, a thing historically defined, but something close to the core of one's life, perhaps even a singular event. Here we gain unique access to its nature in the person speaking.


Marina Abramovic, Donna Alvarenga, Arman, Alan Baer, Domingo Barreres, Gina Belafonte, Louise Bourgeois, Nick Carone, Tony Conrad, Jim Costanzo, Jaime Davidowitz, Ted Denyer, Harun Farocki, Claudine Gossett, Shilpa Gupta, Gary Hill, David Hodge, Hi-Jin Hodge, Ione, Michael Joo, Hilja Keading, Stephen Korns, Yayoi Kusama, Ellen Levy, Winy Maas, Joy Mboya, Patrick Meagher, Larry Miller, Robert Morgan, Kongtrul Jigme Namgyel, Caroline Nderitu, Karyn Olivier, Dennis Oppenheim, Nilufer Ovalioglu, Osvaldo Romberg, Gale Sasson, Isaiah Seret, Kiran Fox Stoller, Javier Tellez, Maria Tomasula, Viswanadhan, Allan Wexler, Robert Wilson, Lawrence Wiener

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